Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogger Interview - @seanie_fitz

What is the best business/investment decision you ever made?

Selling a heap of my Anglo shares in 2006 and investing in an oil rig in Africa

What kind of car do you drive?

Have 3 – sporty 2 seater Merc (that was a mid life crisis thing), gas guzzling 3.5lt Range Rover (perfect for nipping down to the club for a quick 18) and of course my club car in Greystones G.C.

What is the worst financial advice that you ever received?

Being begged by the board to take the position of Chairman at Anglo, only for that I’d have had a clean pair of heels away from the place

Do you own property abroad?

Of course I do, who of us in this country doesn’t

How does the economic slowdown effect you?

Well where can we start on that one, I could talk all day on that very subject. Lets just say the I’m lucky to be married to a woman who is a millionaire in her own right (none of it of my doing)

Do you contribute to a pension plan?

Not anymore, am now a pensioner

What's your favourite film of all time?

Wall Street

Have you ever won money?

Silly question that – mainly a winner in my casino in Macau! Never won anything at the Galway races funnily enough, being in that tent always cost me a few bob

Do you own your own home?

Sadly not, my half has passed into state ownership, but the good taxpayers of Ireland allow me to stay there free of charge.

Do you invest directly in the stock market, through funds or both?
Unfortunately I’m now precluded from making any financial decisions without the sayso of a pen pusher in the High Court

What financial product/s do you consider to be bad value for money?

Anything that’s not protected from the State getting its hands on it under bankruptcy law

Do you trust your bank?

When I ran my own bank I trusted it 110%, but that’s dropped to about 100% now.

You can follow the musings of this ready dupe and charlatan of a demagogue on Twitter @seanie_fitz