Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walks in West and North of Tenerife

I’ve been over and back to Tenerife for the last 10 years and I’ve never ventured far from the usual haunts. Last month I walked up through the ‘middle’ of the island and I went back last week to do some walking in the North and West of the island.    

It blew me away. The walks were well marked, the weather was great, the public transport was very good and the scenery was fantastic.


Garachico to San José de Los Llanos to Erjos - This was an early start for me as I had to get 3 buses to reach Garachico. You’re climbing for 3/4 hours and there was a bit of frost on the ground near La Montañeta. I missed a marker near Arenas Negras and was a bit lost for 10 minutes but I traced my way back to the previous marker. The book walk was to San José de Los Llanos but I decided to walk to extra 4kms to Erjos as the Icod/Adeje bus passes through it.

Start 08:08 Finish 13:26
1,400m Ascending
400m Descending

Arenas Negras

Santiago del Teide to Erjos (via Montana del Estrecho) to Masca - Got the same bus from Adeje to Santiago as previous day and the first part of the walk is in a horseshoe out near Chinyero. Much of the walk from Erjos towards Las Portelas is on a forest track but when it opens up, boy!! is it worth it. Final destination was Masca, which *is* as beautiful as they say.  

Start 08:37 Finish 14:35
975m Ascending
1,165m Descending 


On Route to Masca

Punta del Hidalgo (via El Batán) to Cruz del Carmen (via Chinamada) to Punta del Hidalgo - In the walk book I had, both of these walks started in Cruz del Carmen (highest point). Finding the start was tricky from the bus, and I was fortunate to see the marker. I found the 12km up via El Batán tough going in the heat but was glad I did both walks in a loop. It’s always worth it when you get to the ‘top’.
Start 09:11 Finish 15:20
1,250m Ascending
1,250m Descending

El Batán

From Cruz del Carmen


Iguesta de San Andrés to Chamorga to Faro de Anaga to Almáciga - This was the most eventful walk. I met lots of other walkers, probably because it was a Saturday and the natives were out in force. Also met three lads carrying bags of cement and other building/repair materials in relay along the coastal walk, not far from El Draguillo. I didn’t see any ‘warning’ sign at Faro de Anaga that the coastal path was officially closed but it seemed a tad overgrown and there was good bit of rock debris. Beautiful walk though.

Start 09:15 Finish 15:15
1,165m Ascending
1,225m Descending   

Faro de Anaga

Roque de las Bodegas

NB : The times will depend on your own pace but I was walking at a very brisk pace.