Thursday, November 24, 2011

Improved Charging Structure from

With immediate effect, there will be no 1% Levy on contributions to the InvestAndSave product, for the duration of the contract, provided that the minimum Single and Regular payments are made. This applies to business transacted from 24th November 2011, or business that is currently in the pipeline but has not yet been issued.

So, if you invest €5,000 (or more) as a Single contribution and €100 (or more) per month as a Regular contribution you will avoid the Government Levy of 1% on all contributions.

If you invest a Single contribution only, the levy will apply to this payment.

There are no entry or exit charges on this product. You can choose to invest in any of the 17 Actively Managed and 13 Passive Funds available. The annual management charge on these funds is 1%pa.