Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wake Up Call

It is hard to go through the day without being hit with another economic bad news story. No matter where we turn someone, somewhere is telling us about the latest misfortune to hit consumers and product producers. The negatives are relentless. The question that is on my mind is "When this passes, will we have learnt anything from it.?"

I am very confident that consumers, in general, will begin to sit up and take note of what is actually going on around them. Let's face it, the earn and spend cycle that had captured the nation, has to come to a halt. It is now time to wean ourselves off this 'bottle' and start facing up to some hard realities.

You don't have to read a newspaper, or listen to the bulletins, on a daily basis to figure out that everyday life has changed. The 'costs' of our daily consumption items are on every ones lips, no one is immune from the effects. In my opinion, this concentrates the mind and is positive.

I can't recall a time, in the recent past, where our thoughts were so completely focused on prices. Our natural financial skills are rising to the surface and we are questioning what we are being charged for everyday items. This can't be a bad thing and it sends a strong message that we are becoming more cost conscious.

We are also watching the way all political parties are dealing with the situation. Are we getting value for our money from them or are they wasting tax receipts on pet projects that are not in our nations future interest?. Are their priorities in the correct order?

They have to lead by example. It is not enough for political parties to posture about how they will/would deal with the business of the country, in a reactionary sense, to stop the rot. They need to be more proactive in the way things are managed so that we do not end up in the same situation again.

Do you have any confidence in the way the situation will be handled?

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