Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Blogger Interview - Brendan Burgess

What is the best business/investment decision you ever made?
Setting up my current business 21 years ago is the best business decision. As a recruitment agency, it has done very well in the booming economy of recent years.

What kind of car do you drive?
My preferred mode of transport is a bicycle. I think the brand name is Trek. But I don't really follow brands.

What is the worst financial decision that you ever made?
I had an investment in a sports betting syndicate last year. It had done well, but I was uneasy about some aspects of its management. I cashed out and invested the proceeds in AIB shares. The sports betting syndicate has increased in value by 50% since…

Do you own property abroad?

How does the economic slowdown effect you?It keeps me very busy answering questions on from people who are in trouble.

Do you contribute to a pension plan?Yes. I have a self managed fund which is fully invested in shares.

Have you ever won money?Yes. I won the Business & Finance Investment competition around 20 years ago. I won around £1500 and a painting.

Do you own your own home?

Do you invest directly in the stock market, through funds or both?Directly mainly, but I also have an ISEQ eTf.

What is your preferred method/system of saving and investing (Deposits, Funds, Shares, Property)?Shares, Shares, Shares – especially now.

What financial product/s do you consider to be bad value for money?Worst of all is community rated health insurance for young healthy people who pay the same premium as old sick people. For old and sick people, it is the best value product.

Do you trust your bank?
Yes. And the feeling is mutual.

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