Sunday, November 2, 2008

Blogger Interview - Niall Brady

What is the best business/investment decision you ever made?
Investing in an SSIA - free money from the government with not too many strings attached.

What kind of car do you drive?I don't own a car - I prefer to cycle - my wife drives a Volvo V40.

What is the worst financial advice that you ever received?
That an endowment mortgage would be the best way to pay for my first home, which I bought in 1992, because of the possibility of an endowment surplus at the end of the mortgage.

Do you own property abroad?

How does the economic slowdown effect you?
It's sure to put downward pressure on pay.

Do you contribute to a pension plan?
I belong to an occupational pension scheme and top up my entitlements by making additional voluntary contributions (AVCs) to a PRSA.

What's your favourite film of all time?
Annie Hall.

Have you ever won money?
I won €1,000 in the Business Journalists' Awards 2007.

Do you own your own home?

Do you invest directly in the stock market, through funds or both?I have windfall shares in Standard Life, but most of my stock market exposure is through pensions.

What is your preferred method/system of saving (Deposits, Funds, Shares, Property)?
Deposits and especially pensions because of the tax breaks.

What financial product/s do you consider to be bad value for money?
Insurance cover for day-to-day medical bills. Why bother, when these expenses can be claimed against income tax at your marginal rate?

Do you trust your bank?
Yes, but that doesn't stop me keeping a close eye on my account.

Niall Brady is Money Editor with The Sunday-Times and can be contacted on 01 4792435 or niall.brady(at)

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