Wednesday, April 8, 2009

'Execution-Only' Pension Products -

Who should use this service?

You should consider this type of service if :

(i) You have a good understanding of what type of pension product is suitable to your circumstances
(ii) You are comfortable with selecting investment funds appropriate to your risk profile
(iii) You want to buy a low-cost product
(iv) You do not require financial advice

Products Available

(i) Standard PRSA
(ii) Non-Standard PRSA
(iii) AVC PRSA
(iv) Personal Pension (RAC)
(v) Executive (Directors) Pension
(vi) AMRF
(vii) ARF
(viii) Retirement Bond


Pat Quirke said...

I qualify under (iii). I think I qualify under (iv).
But I am obviously wrong!
I do know what a tracker mortgage is, but for the life of me don't know what AMRF or AVC PRSA mean, or the difference between Standard and non-standard PRSA.
Did I miss something earlier?
Explanation please for the less financially-literate (who may after all not qualify under (iv)!).

Gerard said...

Point taken. I should have updated the 'Glossary' tab with an explaination of the different terms and abbreviations.