Thursday, June 26, 2008

Donation Feature

Those of you who are familiar with my execution-only service websites will be aware that there is an optional donation feature on them. I would like to give you a brief explanation as to why I have included this.

If you want to set up a pension or investment product on an execution-only basis you can either do so through my websites or through an advisor. If you go through an advisor you will pay a fee in the region of €150 to €300 for their assistance in completing a similar transaction.

By buying the product through the websites you are effectively eliminating this cost.

Since 2005 I have been raising limited funds for some of the abandoned children that are in orphanages in China. I have a personal connection with one of these orphanages in Jiangxi Province.

To date, the funds transferred, through the Amity Foundation in Nangjing, have been used to purchase air-conditioners/heaters, an incubator, and rehabilitation equipment for kids with cerebral palsy.

In the last year, the focus of my attention has been on providing funds to purchase a milk formula for infants at Fengcheng orphanage that contains the necessary nutrients for early development. It is my intention to continue with this programme for the time being and I would also like to have the funds to pay for some harelip/cleft palate operations.

I am happy to deal with Amity, as all transactions are fully receipted and they do visit the orphanages and send reports. They have an administration fee of 7%, which I believe is fair.

Your donation is optional. If you do feel like making a donation, it does not have to be in the indicative ‘fee’ range above as every little bit helps.

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