Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blogger Interview - Paul McCarville

What is the best business/investment decision you ever made? Decision to put 40% of pension fund into cash in May 07

What kind of car do you drive? Volvo S40

What is the worst financial advice that you ever received? To borrow as much as I could and invest in Equitable Life's With Profit fund (I ignored!)

Do you own property abroad? No

How does the economic slowdown effect you? Clients are less willing to commit to spending and slower to pay.

Do you contribute to a pension plan? Yes.

What's your favourite film of all time? Cinema Paradiso

Have you ever won money? An Ante Post double on Burrough Hill Lad & Dawn Run in 1984 is still remembered fondly.

Do you own your own home? Yes.

Do you invest directly in the stock market, through funds or both? Both

What is your preferred method/system of saving (Deposits, Funds,Shares, Property)?Funds & Shares.

What financial product/s do you consider to be bad value for money? Tracker Bonds.

Do you trust your bank? Don't trust any financial institution much.

Paul McCarville is one of the principals with Clarus Investment Solutions.

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Bendz said...


Useful post. The interview is good.

What's best is "Do you trust your bank? Don't trust any financial institution much."

Nice answer and is suitable for the current situation.

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