Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jiangxi Orphanage Assistance‏

Those of you that are familiar with the 'Execution Only' Services that I offer through , and will be aware that there is a 'Donation Feature' available on the sites which allows consumers to make a voluntary donation that goes towards helping the abandoned children in some of the Orphanages in Jiangxi Province, China; if they consider the service being offered through the websites, is good value for money.

Currently, any funds raised,through the websites and by other methods, are paying for a good quality milk formula for infants at Fengcheng Orphanage. Previous funds have been used to buy air conditioners/heaters, an incubator, and rehab equipment for kids with cerebral palsy.

For those of you reading about this for the first time, the following is brief description of how it works. My fundraising efforts are not a 'registered charity'. I thought about it at the outset but I made the decision not to register as it would have eaten into some of the funds raised. I just wanted to find the most cost effective and secure way of getting the money to the orphanages. I set up a specific account with Permanent TSB (Clonmel) in the name of 'Fengcheng Social Welfare Institute Fund' and all money raised (by Cheque and PayPal) is lodged to this account.

Permanent TSB charge me for the transfers but then refund these charges. The money is paid to Amity Foundation in Nanjing and they look after the administration. I receive receipts from them and they insist on receipts from the orphanages. They also do random orphanage visits to make sure that the money is being used for the intended purpose. Amity deduct 7% for administration, but I believe this is fair and reasonable.

The current worldwide economic downturn has led to a decrease in the amounts being donated. When you combine this with the unfavourable (Yuan) exchange rate available at present, this has made it difficult to fund some of the ongoing projects at the orphanages. You can get a good overview of these projects on this website .

If you are interested in helping with a donation, however small, you can do so (via Paypal) through any of my .ie websites listed above. If you would like to donate by another payment method or if you need clarification on any of the above, just let me know.

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