Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eating Out (with Kids)

As a regular visitor to Tenerife I find it refreshing to experience the welcome that is afforded to children once they enter the door of a restaurant. Shy and all as they pretend to be, they do like the attention; so long as the staff don't start rubbing their hair or gently pinch their cheeks.

The majority of these restaurants carry a 'Kids Menu' which is predominately intended to suit the demand of the sausage and chip aficionado, but more often that not, will include a pasta dish or two. In some cases they even go to the bother of naming a dish after something that the kids can relate to. For example, the 'Mickey Mouse Steak'.

It is also reasonable to ask for a kids/half portion from the Á La Carte menu, and receive it without any 'tut-tutting' or having to fret about it costing much more than half the cost of the adult portion. The whole experience is relaxing, consistent and it makes you want to come back for more.

So why do I find it difficult to find a similar experience here, without it costing an arm and a leg. Surely there has to be a fairly constant demand for this type of service with good food? Is there some fundamental cultural difference that needs to be addressed so that I am not made to feel like a skinflint when I have to ask for an adult portion, with two plates?

Are there restaurants out there that offer a relatively healthy, reasonably priced, 3 course set menu for kids of the non-chip/nugget/sausage variety?


Pat Quirke said...

Never be afraid to ask for adult portion and 2 plates. I do it regularly, it is the only way to get decent food for the kids. i agree it should be the norm to order a "kids size" for half-price, but one restaurant owner told me that if he offered that, a lot of adults would order one for themselve too and that his turnover would almost halve!

Gerard said...

I went to Hanoras Cottage in the Nire Valley yesterday for Sunday Lunch. Three course for adult was €28 and kids €14. Lots of choices on the menu and food was very good.