Thursday, May 7, 2009

'Sitting in a well, looking at the sky'

The title of of this post refers to a Chinese Proverb, which basically means that you need to get out of the well to see the big 'picture'.The reason that this comes to mind is in the decision by George Lee to stand in the Dublin South by-election.

To me, the political party that he runs for is irrelevant as long as he does not get swamped by the status quo . What is important, is that he would have the ability to see the big 'macro' picture, and this would be very refreshing indeed. We need to take a step back from where we're at and change way things are done in the country. Very few 'local' political decisions are made in the national interest.

When the news of his candidacy was announced I did a quick search on what would be deemed the characteristics of a 'good' politician. The following would appear to be what is expected : Be Intelligent, Reasonable, Humble, Honest & Patriotic. Have Fiscal Experience and Clear/Achievable Goals. Have the ability to Think Strategically and Listen to others. Earn Respect and Know when to Quit.

I don't know about you, but I would settle for someone that is not of the 'typical politician' persuasion. Only time will tell but I think he should be given a fair chance.

If he can bring something new to the table, it has to be welcomed.


Pat Quirke said...

Will we see you up next time around? You have most of the qualifications, maybe except knowing when to quit!

Gerard said...

That would be like removing a fly from someones head with a hatchet :-)