Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Twitter - Two Months On

I would consider myself to be on the lower end of the Twitter knowledge curve having created an account just two months ago. The following are some of the observations that I have made to date.

...for personal use

* Twitter is a great 'leveler'; like Texas Hold'em. You sit down with strangers and you can't predict an outcome.
* Twitter helps you mix with communicators that are better than you. This helps to lift you up a notch or two.
* It brings out the willingness in people to be helpful.
* If you are an information junkie, you're made.
* If you have addictive tendencies; you might be in trouble using Twitter.
* Fear of what to update focuses the mind, but may inhibit the content.
* Strong personalities shine through.
* Selecting people to follow, at random, is not a good idea.

...for business use

* Twitter for business should be like subliminal self-promotion. The 'in-your-face' repetitive promotion is a no-no.
* The greater the number of people that know you exist; and what business you are in, can't be a bad thing.
* The Development of a Twitter business 'relationship' has to be gradual.
* The personality behind the business usually comes to the fore.
* Twitter provides you with an opportunity to be 'busy being busy' as opposed to 'busy being productive'.

If you are also a novice to Twitter, I would be interested in your own thoughts on it. Or, if you disagree with any of the above, leave a comment.

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