Friday, May 28, 2010

AIB Bank Charges

I received two letters from AIB on the 18th of March (both dated 30th April) informing me that the 'agreed fee arrangement' on the accounts expired on the 28th May. They went on to inform me that their 'Standard Rate of Fees and Charges' would apply from the 28th of May. A copy of their 'Business Fees and Charges' booklet was supposed to be enclosed, it wasn't.

I rang the local branch on the 18th to speak with my 'Relationship Manager' and got to talk with the person that had signed the letter on their behalf. I asked for a copy of the original agreed fee arrangement and the charges booklet. There was no sign of these a week later, so I called again. The guy that was supposed to send out the information would ring me back 'in a few minutes' - he didn't. I got to speak with the 'Relationship Manager' on the 27th, after another call to the branch. He was not aware of the previous calls.

To cut a long story short, I'm none too happy about the bank increasing the charges on my accounts. Under the existing agreement - I managed to find my copy - I pay 25% of the standard charges and, to me, this represents a fair arrangement as I'm not in and out of the branch every day. In fact, I have been in it just 7 times this year.

What's really bugging me about this effort by the bank to squeeze account holders for the errors of the banks ways, is that the letters I received were written without even bothering to look at the original agreement. They have assumed that I do not have a copy and are reluctant to furnish me with theirs.

The old agreement, dating back to 2006 and signed by the same 'Relationship Manager', states that it 'is for a specific period of time' but the expiry date is down as 'Ongoing'. It also states that I will be 'advised by letter of the expiry of the agreement one month prior to the expiry date'.

So, it seem that the expiry date of the agreement has been made up by the bank. It is also underhand to date a letter that implies that it was issued a month before a fictitious expiry date when it received by me 10 days before said expiry date.

What would you do?

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