Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surveys - What's the point?

I'm sick to death of being asked the same questions, year in year out, by the same companies. The main thrust of these surveys is to establish who 'I' consider to be the 'best' Life & Pension product provider; under a myriad of headings.

I have come to the conclusion that their sole purpose is to satisfy the egos of senior management, because the outcomes would appear to be ignored. Perhaps there is some 'bonus' payment for moving up the industry 'ranking' or maybe they want me to adapt to their corporate belief system? Then, and only then, will they "value my opinion".

You don't need an annual survey to find out what companies are in favour, it is reflected in the volumes of business they are transacting. The dogs in the street know why they are successful.

Two years ago I completed a survey for a company and raised a servicing issue. The following year I refused to complete it, as the original issue had not been resolved. Rather than implement any change to resolve the matter raised in the survey, the company choose to ignore my protest. So, what's the point?

I presume that there is an annual budget for these surveys that 'must' be spent. The inaction on the results just shows that it is a waste of marketing money. Rather than ask 'the market' what you are doing wrong, why not just ask your customer service/account managers? They are the ones that are getting the abuse on a daily basis and are closest to the coal face.

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